Top 3 Tips To Extend The Life Of Your Flowers

Updated: Apr 17, 2018

Hi everyone!

So recently, we have been receiving lots of questions about how you can help your cut flowers survive longer. Flowers are such beautiful things but they are also extremely fragile, you will have to take special care so that they don’t die away after a day or two! 😓

The most common tips are to trim the stems while they are underwater to get rid of any air bubbles and also to remove any submerged leaves. Besides these must-dos, we have also included 3 simple tips to help you out!

So here are some ways that you can extend the lives of your bouquets just a little bit more! 👍

1. Vinegar & Sugar

Don’t worry, this is not a myth passed down by some grandmother 😂 This works because vinegar serves as an anti-bacteria substance while the sugar doubles up as flower food. So it’s like double the protection WOOHOO! 😬

Just remove your bouquet from its wrapping and display it in a vase with water mixed with vinegar and sugar. You will be able to admire the beautiful blooms for about a week! (Tip: if you can’t find any vinegar at home, putting in some coins along with sugar works too! 💰)

2. Misting

The stems of the flowers are not the only places that can absorb water! Lightly spray some water on the flowers and leaves to hydrate them as the stem may not be taking in enough water. Also, a secret tip is to mist using hairspray *whuuuut???* 💧

You may think something so full of chemical will kill your flowers but many people have proven that it actually works!! Simply spray it from a distance on the underside of the petals and leaves.

3. Take A Chill Pill

This is actually the method that works best, if and only if your mum doesn’t kill you. Every night before you go to sleep, place your bouquet of flowers in the fridge overnight ❄️ This will help them retain their moisture and keep them fresh in their optimal temperature.

Your flowers will look as fresh as the day you received them! We can’t promise that the the rest of the food in your fridge will be edible though 🌚

Okie that’s all from us! Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions and we will be more than happy to assist you. Hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend!


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