Mother's Day Bouquets By Petal House (Singapore)

Hey everyone!! It's me again and it's an exciting week for Petal House Co and all our followers because we just launched our Mother's Day collection! 💐 THAT'S NOT ALL. We are having 15% off our Mother's Day bouquets (min. $40) until 15 April only!!

So let's have a look at our collection that we had so much fun arranging. We actually took our mum's favourite flowers into consideration and came up with these designs soooo I'm sure your mum will like it too hehe 😍

VIOLET (U.P. $40)

This was actually one of our mum's favourites. She really liked how elegant it looks and it exudes a little bit of British charm (you know those fancy tea cup colours??). It was the last one to enter our collection but we are really very in love with this simple bouquet! 💕

DIANA (U.P. $60)

Another of our mum's favourites. She loves tulips but we realised all 4 of us can't appreciate the beauty in them. BUT mummy's wish is our command so here it is! We can't deny that it does look very grand and suitable for more mature ladies 🌷

HANNAH ( U.P. $55)

This is definitely a hot favourite amongst everyone! We have been receiving quite a few orders for Hannah and it's not hard to see why. These beautiful spray roses are really beyond classy 🌹

KYLIE (U.P. $50)

Our most vibrant sunflower bouquet! The photo really doesn't do justice to this beautiful bouquet (we are florists and not photographers for a reason 😓), this colour combination is super pretty, trust us!

CHLOE (U.P. $55)

This is a personal favourite. The sweet colour combination is so irresistible!! Red roses, eustomas and carnations (btw carnations are a popular mummy flower), it's such a pretty little bouquet 😍


I LOVE THIS BOUQUET AND I LOVE ITS NAME!!! We specially designed this because you know mums are so practical and they always say you are wasting money on useless stuff. NOT ANYMORE! 😬

EMILY (U.P. $12)

We understand that not everyone wants something extravagant, so here's a pretty single stalk rose enclosed in a super classy (I'm not kidding) casing. The case is like 50cm long, I couldn't even take a good picture of it but really, it's beautiful. And there's also bulk discounts for this one! It's a good choice if you need to get for your mum, aunt, grandma and everyone else! 😃

That's all for our new launches! Our best sellers, Athena & Clarice are also available for Mother's Day! You may have noticed an increase in price for the 2 bouquets but that's because there's a hike in flower prices during this period :( Everybody wants to show mama some love but there's not enough flowers to go around soooo no choice 😢 We are very sorry too 😔

So remember to order your flowers before 15th April so you can save yourselves some money!!!!

*All the prices above are before discount!

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