Petal House x Salsa En Sync Sponsorship

Updated: Apr 17, 2018

Hey guys! It’s me again and we have exciting updates to share with ya’ll!! Last weekend was extremely special for Petal House because we completed our first sponsorship event since we launched! YAYYYY~

Sunday was a big day for NTU Salsa En Sync & Petal House! We managed to liaise with them to be the official flower sponsor for their Salsa concert. It was definitely a special day for all of us and we thoroughly enjoyed being part of such a joyous event.

It was a fulfilling experience watching all the dancers holding Petal House’s tokens of appreciation that their friends bought for them. And it was an even greater pride seeing the student choreographers being presented with premium bouquets that we specially made for them to congratulate their hard work and talent. GOOD JOB TO ALL THE DANCERS!!

Even more exciting news!!! We designed some bridal bouquets and took them out for a photoshoot. YEAP YOU HEARD US RIGHT! We are venturing into bridal bouquets and our followers get to have the first look at them WOOHOO!

Bridal bouquets are definitely much more complicated that your everyday bouquets but we still had lots of fun styling them. If you know anyone who’s about to get married or if you are getting married soon, HIT US UP! We would love to be part of your big day! We promise our bouquets are super affordable because we know just how expensive bridal bouquets are out there and you shouldn’t be fretting over money on your special day!!!

Alright that’s all for last weekend! It was definitely a hectic few days but our hearts are full from witnessing all the smiles on the people who received our flowers!

If there’s any other concerts or events looking for flower sponsors, drop us an email at and we will get back to you soon!


Petal House

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