Wedding Bells 🎊

Updated: Apr 17, 2018

Last weekend was yet another huge milestone for us because we made our very first bridal bouquet for a happy bride! We got the order through Carousell 3 weeks back and I've been feeling so excited about it ever since! 😃

It was a little intimidating at first because we had to replicate a design that she sent us and also because people always say brides are very PMS-ish 😥 Luckily for us, our bride wasn't like that!! She was super nice since the first day and it was such a breeze working with her. It made us genuinely want to create the most beautiful bouquet for her special day!👰

However, disaster struck us the night before the delivery. 😵 The florist didn't have the deep purple matthiolas that she wanted and we had to decide on a completely different colour theme ASAP. Luckily, our bride was very understanding and left it all up to us!

We managed to salvage the situation and she was really satisfied with the end product! Woke up really early on Saturday morning to deliver it to Concorde Hotel and she looked so stunning with the bouquet 😍 Really really can't wait till we receive the photos from the wedding! SO EXCITED TO SHARE IT WITH Y'ALL HEHE!

On a side note, we have been experimenting with floral crowns using some extra flowers that we had! It turned out quite pretty and we are thinking of including it into our collection in the near future! What do you guys think? 🤔 I think it will be a really lovely gift for your loved ones on special occasions!!


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