What The Number Of Roses Mean In A Bouquet

Updated: Apr 6, 2018

Did you know that every bouquet has a different meaning? You can’t just get the same bouquet of roses for your friend, girlfriend and mother! Some girls care a lot more about the meaning than you can ever imagine so it is worth putting in that extra effort to find out.

There are so many weird definitions all over the internet but we have done our research thoroughly and you will never go wrong with our guide. We even double checked the Chinese meanings to make it completely fool proof! 😌

1 rose: You are the only one for me 🌹

2 roses: Mutual love 💏 (*psst* don’t send this unless you are 100% sure of her feelings too)

3 roses: I love you ❤️️ (perfect for valentine’s when the flowers are so crazily expensive)

5 roses: I love you SUPER DUPER MUCH 💗

9 roses: 长长久久 —> I will be with you till eternity 😘

10 roses: Like the “perfect 10”, this symbolises perfection 🙆

12 roses: I want you to be mine (now you know what to get when you are planning a confession) 😍

13 roses: This is a tricky one, it can either mean “I am secretly in love with you” or “friends forever yay” soooo I wouldn’t take the risk if I were you!! 😰

15 roses: I am sorry (did something terrible? This might bail you out) 😣

20 roses: I treat you with absolute sincerity (I think this is great for proposals!) 👰

24 roses: You are on my mind 24/7 (Aww~) 💭

— Florist advice: Anything beyond this mark will be extremely EXPENSIVE 🤑, not to mention impractical because how do you expect your girl to lug that huge ass bouquet around while on a date??? 😵 —

40 roses: My love is genuine 😚

44 roses: My love will never change (YOU BETTER NOT) 🤗

50 roses: I don’t regret loving you (idk why it’s a nice meaning but it sounds so sad??) 💘

— Florist advice 2: Seriously, anything beyond here will likely suffocate your girlfriend and you won’t be seeing her face for the rest of the day CUZ IT WILL BE BLOCKED BY YOUR FLOWERS 🤷 You better train up your biceps to carry that huge bouquet for her 💪)

99 roses: I love you to death (if you can survive carrying the flowers the entire day) 🌚

101 roses: You are my only love (notice it means the same as 1 rose, why get 101 when you can just get 1? #lifehacks) 💁

108 roses: Marry me (I doubt you’ll have anymore hands left to get the ring out of your pocket) 💍

Alright that’s all, hope we have helped you find the perfect bouquet to represent your most genuine feelings! 💝 Remember to take practicality into account before getting your bouquet because as grand as 99 roses may sound, sometimes 5 roses can look much prettier than a huge mess of red!


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